How to Measure Your Frame Size

How to get the frame right fit when you order prescription glasses online, buying glasses online is uncharted territory for many,  but there’s no need to worry! it is easy to to find frame measurements to ensure you’re getting the right frame fit perfectly. 


Follow the guideline below to measure your eyeglasses and make shopping easy. 


What are the frame dimensions?

All prescription glasses have frame sizing numbers inside temple arm of the frame. And this is what the size numbers can look like on a  pair of glasses.




The first two numbers affect overall width of the frame, the most important, frame width will not printed on the temple arm, but you can get it  by measuring your  frame width as the guide below.



You have a leeway of 2-3 millimeters on each measurement, except for bridge width, stick to a leeway of 2 millimeters on the bridge width. You also can measure your old glasses frame if you have them,  compare the frame width measurements, if you are not comfortable when wearing old glasses, you have a leeway of 1-2 mm. Most arms length measurement is between 




As a guideline:

If the SPH on your prescription is +/-6.00, it’s better to stick lens width less than 50mm that will keep your lenses thinner.